Special section of CTR on performance studies in Canada. January 2012.

In January 2012, the Canadian Theatre Review published a special “Views and Reviews” section on “Performance Studies in Canada” (edited by Natalie Alvarez). These pieces, some of which were presented at the Performing Publics Conference in Toronto (2010), explore alternate genealogies of performance and performance issues that have emerged in Canadian contexts, many of which trouble the very idea of a unified “national” history of performance studies.

A copy of the issue can be purchased through University of Toronto Press Journals, or accessed here. If you have an electronic subscription to the CTR, you can access the section directly here. For access through Project Muse, click here. Email info@canadiantheatrereview.com for more information.


In Search of PS North: Performance Studies in Canada by LAURA LEVIN

Outskirts to Mainstream?: Performance Poetry on the Move by NAILA KELETA-MAE

(No) Performance Studies in Canada by SUSAN BENNETT

Towards Locating the Alchemy of Convergence in the Native Theatre Classroom by JILL CARTER

Canadian Theatre Review Constitutes Performance Studies by RIC KNOWLES

Image from previous page: Cover of CTR 149, Special issue on “Queer Performance: Women and Trans Artists,” edited by Moynan King. Cover photo: Poster Image for Anne Made Me Gay. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 2008. Designed by Jonathan Kitchen, Illustration by Suzy Malik