Performance Studies Methodologies Workshop

Helene Vosters, image from Unravel: A Meditation on the Warp and Weft of Militarism, 2011. For more info on the project: Vosters is a member of the Performance Misfits Reading Group.

This workshop will bring together several performance studies researchers from across Canada—and specifically located in a wide variety of disciplines—with the aim of reflecting on and sharing innovative methodologies for performance research as well as developing broader performance studies networks in Canada. Some of the fields represented at this workshop include theatre, English, folklore, dance, music, anthropology, education, art history, aboriginal studies, communication and culture, health, women’s and gender studies, and immigration and settlement studies.

Participants will provide brief accounts of the methodologies used in their research, and will shape these presentations in response to a few central questions: What models of performance are you drawing upon in your research and are they rooted in any historically, culturally, or geographically-specific traditions? What discipline-specific theories or methods have shaped your understanding of performance and how are you experimenting with these methods to develop innovative lenses for reading culture? What are some of the benefits and challenges of doing interdisciplinary work at this moment in the academy? Have you explored alternative modes of disseminating research—e.g. performance practice, performative writing/presentations, interactive events, curated exhibitions, online archives, community interventions, etc.—and what advantages do they provide in bridging the gap between theory and practice?

The workshop will take place 13 April – 14 April 2012 at Massey College in Toronto. Details coming soon. Download the program for the event here.